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Meet the Press

Author: ajsrandom
Title: Meet the Press
Rating: G
Pairing/s: none
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana, anon reporters
Summary: Merlin faces a press conference after he saves Arthur's life.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 600
Prompt: #178 Experience
Author's Notes: a sequel to a trope bingo fill of mine here.

“Merlin! Merlin! Over here!”

“No, here!

Cries of his name echoed around the courtyard full of reporters from television, radio and print. Merlin sighed internally and turned to Morgana, who’d introduced him then stepped out of the way. This press conference was King Uther’s idea—he wanted the press to get to know Merlin, since he’d be around Prince Arthur all the time now. “What do I do again?” he asked his new boss.

“Just point and say ‘you.’ Everyone else should shut up,” Morgana replied.

Merlin looked out into the bright lights, which happened to be blinding him. He pointed arbitrarily and said, “You.”

Everyone quieted and he heard a man clear his throat. “What did you experience last night?”

“A witch enchanted everyone to fall asleep then threw a dagger at the Prince. I used my magic to slow time and pull him out of the way. He’s unhurt.”

 “Is it true that you’ll be the Prince’s bodyguard and personal physician?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

The voices called his name again. He pointed a different direction and said, “You.”

A female voice spoke up. “Didn’t you originally come to the palace to serve as the Assistant Royal Physician?”

“Yes, the position opened and my great uncle Gaius recommended me. I was lucky to be accepted.”

“What’s your medical experience?”

“After graduating from Camelot U I attended University of Albion’s medical school. I interned and served my residency at Mercia Medical Center.”

The name-calling continued until Merlin pointed again. A different female voice spoke up. “Do you have any experience as a bodyguard?”

“No, I’m afraid I’ll have to learn that on the job.” There were a few chuckles at this, and he smiled.

“A magical bodyguard, right? How strong is your magic?”

“Yes, a magical bodyguard. And my magic has been tested, of course, but I haven’t found an upper limit to it yet.”

There was silence after that, for a brief moment anyway. Then everyone started calling his name or shouting questions again. Merlin quashed the desire to roll his eyes and picked a new direction to point in.

A male voice spoke. “And how do you feel about your appointment?”

Merlin chuckled. “That’s a good one. A bit scared, but also excited. It’s great to have a job—I just didn’t imagine it would be this important.”

There were a few chuckles at that. The man spoke again. “Do you get along all right with the Prince?”

“So far so good; we haven’t really had much of a chance to talk.”

Morgana leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “One more.”

“You.” Merlin pointed into the crowd.

“How do you like it here so far?” A female voice again.

“It’s wonderful. Everyone has been so accommodating and understanding. Last question.”

“So you think you’ll fit in?”

“If you’d asked me when I’d first arrived, I’d have said no. But now? I think I’ll do just fine.”

Voices rang out again, calling his name. But he turned away from the mic and Morgana stepped up to remind the press that they were finished for the day. Soon she was behind Merlin, practically pushing him back through the door. “That was brilliant,” she told him.

“Thanks. It was an experience.”

“We need to get together later. I have an appointment right now but could you come by about noon? I’ll get lunch.”

Merlin smiled at her. “Of course. See you later then.”

He hummed contentedly as he ambled back toward his room. He had a wonderful job and a sort of date with a beautiful woman. Life was wonderful!
Tags: *c:ajsrandom, c:merlin, c:morgana, pt 178:experience, rating:g, type:drabble

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