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The more, the merrier. (mpreg 26)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: The more, the merrier.  (mpreg 26/?)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Gwaine, Uther
Warnings: mpreg.
Word Count: ~1190 (sorry....)
Prompt:#178 Experience
Author's Notes: Part 26, where there’s a surprise visit, booty call on wheels, topless Uther, fangirl!Morgana, Uther won’t let Merlin play with his things and... darn it, I have to cut it there.

Yes, this is the same series, but I think my muse came back from holiday or something? I dunno...

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Eight: Illusions
Nine: Restless sleeper
Ten:Bad dreams
Eleven: Nearly normal
Tweleve: All that haunts us
Thirteen: Bucket, oh bucket
Fourteen:Hello little one
Fifteen:Tell him
Sixteen:The Visitor
Seventeen:Truth seekers
Eighteen: #Grandfather
Nineteen: Happy thoughts
Twenty: Don’t worry about a thing
Twenty-one: Midnight talk
Twenty-two: An unlikely ally
Twenty-three: Gwaine and Apples
Twenty-four: Sing me a song
Twenty-five: Visitor

Merlin has to turn away from the angry man at the screen. Not because he was backing away, but because the knocking on his door simply wouldn't stop. He liked using the mute button though. If only the fast forward key would work as well.

The sound of voices outside made him pause with his hand hovering over the door handle.
“But we're here! Let go of me!”
“No, we promised.”

Impossible. Then again...

He opened the door and had just enough time to recognize Gwaine before he was wrapped in a crushing bear hug.

“Merleeeeee, I missed you!”

Gwaine held him and rocked him for a few seconds before letting a frowning Merlin come up for air.

“This is very touching, but I saw you three hours ago.”

Gwaine grinned. “Ok, someone else missed you.”

Free from Gwaine's ambush, Merlin could now see that Arthur was there as well, sitting in a wheelchair with Morgana's hands firmly placed on his shoulders, holding him in place. He was staring daggers at Gwaine in an adorably display of misplaced jealousy. Merlin’s first thought should be to be stern and cross, Arthur shouldn’t be out and about and he should certainly not be roaming the streets to visit cheap student flats. But it felt good to see him. It felt so… normal. And they had been taking precautions it seemed. Arthur was seated in rental hospital chair and he looked warm and grumpy, rather than cold and ill.

“I saw you four hours ago. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be taking things easy.”

“I wanted to see you. And these two are much easier to convince than you are.”
“It's a booty call! Arthur wants to see you nekkid!” Gwaine announced with childish glee.

“Gwaine.” Morgana chastised. She did at least try to look guilty. “We talked it over with doc Gaius first. We followed his instructions to a T.”
“And then some...” Arthur added with a sulk. “What's the yelling about in there? Thought you were getting mugged or something.”

“Oh right! Almost forgot.”
Merlin gestured for them to enter.
“I'm on skype, having a small discussion.”

They slowly entered Merlin's small living space. Gwaine grabbed the chair and wheeled Arthur in while Arthur complained and Morgana made sure he was still sitting down. They grew silent once they took in their surroundings. The large screen on the wall had an equally large image of Uther Pendragon, scowling at something ahead of him as they had yet to come into view of the camera.

Arthur immediately rose from the chair, he was not facing his father sitting down. Hanging on to Merlin's arm he could straighten his back and stand tall. Merlin was ruining the battle stance by caressing the bump with a goofy smile on his face. It totally ruined Arthur’s stern battle face too. Merlin led them over to the sofa while Morgana and Gwaine lined up behind them. Merlin noticed the awkward family photo setting and secretly let the camera take a snap shot before un-muting Uther.

“Sorry for the delay, seems I have some visitors! Quite the family reunion this turned out to be! Now, you were saying?”

Uther fumed, holding an uncapped green text marker in a firm grasp while shaking it. “This is not natural!”
“Correct, father,” Athur deadpans. “It’s plastic.”

The two behind them chuckled, and Merlin felt he had backup for the first time since Mordred had left.
“Don’t mind him,” Merlin said to the others. “He’s just mad because I popped his tops.”

Morgana gasped, staring wide eyed at the large screen and then covering her mouth with both hands. Gwaine, confused by his wife’s reaction looks from one to the other.

“Is that some magic gangster talk? Will he be ‘sleeping with the fairies’ or something?”

“Merlin popped the top of the markers!” Morgana was all aglow with excitement. “This is huge!”

Arthur felt a bit lost. Gwaine was lost as well, but since when was that a reason to shut up?
“I can see the headlines; Uther Pendragon caught topless in office. Blames future son-in-law.”

Arthur barked out a laugh and tried to cover it with a cough and a diversion.
“What’s the big deal about the markers? If he can teleport a bucket to and from I don’t see what-”

Morgana’s jaw drops. “Teleport?! You can teleport?”

Merlin shrugs. Gwaine asks in his usual unhelpful manner; “So you can actually steal his markers from here?”

Uther’s grip on the marker may have tightened then, Merlin tried not to notice. He made some attempts to talk about something else, but failed. Morgana had claimed the attention of the room.

“But you’re first year! Not even level nine-ers can do that without years of practice. Have you been tested yet?”

Merlin’s eyes glowed and noises come from the small kitchen. “I’m level seven. On avarage. I’m making coffee, let me just go check how that is going.”

“You did that without talking! This is… You are… Can you put the top back? Can you? Please?”

With a reluctant sigh, Merlin focused his energy. Uther quickly slapped the levitating cap back down and Merlin was quite happy to leave it at that. Morgana pointed with one hand at the screen and clapped her husband on the arm with the other.

“See?! Most people trying to do that end up removing the pixels or parts of the screen! This is…”

“It’s not really that rare, I should see to that coffee...”
Arthur tugged firmly on Merlin's clothes, making sure he didn't flee the scene. He gave his lover a soft smile. He didn't need any tests or numbers to know how special Merlin was. Neither did Merlin, he was very aware of what he could do, it was just a matter of gaining experience and learning how to put it to good use. He rubbed little circles on Merlin's hands with his thumbs, sort of hoping it would convey the need for closeness without having to actually say it with his father quite literally hanging over them. If they all would just shut up and give Merlin a chance to notice...


Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gwaine, c:merlin, c:morgana, c:uther, p:arthur/merlin, pt 178:experience, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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