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Author: vampiric_zombie
Title: Lover Scorned
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Arthur/Percy, Arthur/Morgana, Percy/Morgana
Summary: Arthur wished he'd Morgana
Warnings: Cheating
Word Count: 283
Prompt: Tangled
Author's Notes: be's my first drabble

All Arthur could hear on the way to his bedroom was heavy panting coming from Morgana’s room. He thought to himself the least she could do was play music, or have the television on, since her room was at the other end of the house from where he was, half way up the stairs.

Morgana was partially shouting between her deep breaths and Arthur was wishing he had put his iPod on before leaving his room. He knew she was going to have someone over but it wasn't until he heard a grunt come from her room that he stopped dead in the middle of the landing. He knew that grunt, mainly from experiencing the pleasure of releasing it on more than one occasion.

Percival threw himself off Morgana and the bed when the door flew open. Morgana shouted at him to at least knock before barging into her room and while in the process of telling him to get the hell out Arthur began towards the other side of the bed.

He dropped the glass of water he had in his hand as Percy said his name with such sorrow at the look on Arthur’s face after seeing the betrayal of his boyfriend being in bed with his sister. Morgana was sick to her stomach and ran into her en-suite so she didn't ruin her new rug. She hadn't met Arthur’s new boyfriend and he rarely spoke of him to her. Now he wished he did since it would have meant he wouldn't be looking down at Percy on the floor tangled up in the bed sheets he had bought Morgana as a mock present for her birthday.

Tags: *c:vampiric_zombie, c:arthur, c:morgana, c:percival, pt 010:tangled, rating:r, type:drabble

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