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Candyman, candyman

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Candyman, candyman
Rating: G
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, OCs
Summary: Pediatric Emergency Room Doctor Merlin brings candy for all the unfortunate children that have ended up in the emergency room on Hallowe'en. Arthur's been in an accident and wants some candy. (Prompt from Brunettepet over at merlin_writers)
Warnings: None. Unless hospitals ain't your thing.
Word Count: 1000 *cough*and-one-hundred-and-eighty *cough*
Prompt: 183 rendezvous
Author's Notes:
Seems this is now the start of a new series! It continues here:Dr Candyman and Father Christmas Part 1

“Calm down now, David. Let the nice doctor see your hand.”

“I am not D....avid. I'm Ssspp..idermaaan!”

The boy was sitting on the examination bench cradling his hand. Even with the mask long gone and snot and tears flowing, the young boy was determined to stay in character.

The boy's father sighed with frustration and the mix of worry and embarrassment Merlin was quite familiar with from parents of little patients. «We were, or he was, trick or treating with some his brother and Kayley and Bobby and Jemma from school and he ran down a pathway and tripped and wouldn't let go of his candy, and then he...»

Merlin nodded, in honest he was only half listening. The boy had fallen and hurt his hand. That is all the info Merlin truly needed. But worried parents or guardians were part of the deal. He preferred this kind of parenting over the tough love types he sometimes had to deal with. Telling a kid to “shut up and act your age, it's probably not even broken” wasn't Merlin's style, but everybody reacts different in a crisis, it wouldn't be fair to judge a person by spending 10 minutes with them. Merlin pulled a lollipop from a drawer in his desk. Halloween was a busy time in the emergency room, as the only pediatrician in the emergency room he knew it was wise to keep a good supply on candy nearby. Sometimes a little distraction did wonders.

“Even superheroes need a little help sometimes. You can have this lolly, if you let me see your hand.”

Sniffling, the boy bravely offered his hand and reached for the lolly with the other. Merlin checked the mini-Spidrman’s wrist with gentle movements, with Spiderdad as a nervous spectator.

Luckily all seemed to be fine, but Merlin wanted an x-ray just to be sure. He followed the two out to the counter to fill out the paperwork and have someone order an x-ray. He left them, knowing they would be in safe hands. He could see Gwen waiting impatiently with some folders and the second he moved away from his little patent, she came towards him.

She wore a smile that Merlin recognized as being professionally calm on the outside and not so calm on the inside. It was not too uncommon here at the emergency room.

“Oi!! Doctor man! I want candy too!”

Gwen didn’t have time to open her mouth before they were interrupted. Merlin glanced over and saw a man about his own age dressed as a vampire and waiting for assistance. He didn’t appear to be in any life threatening danger, which Merlin assumed was why he was waiting. But the shouting made David the Spiderman a little bit anxious and his father moved to shield the boy from view.

Gwen drew her breath in a telling matter. Clearly this was the person she was having most trouble with at the time.
“I really need your help with this one. I know, you are a paediatrician, but James is busy, Marina has a family of five with her and none of them speak English and this guy is a nuisance.”

Merlin let out a long breath through his nose. Halloween was a terribly busy night. He had helped a faerie princess, two ghosts and a Frankenstein so far this evening. And soon enough all the drunken, older people would start filling up the emergency queue. This guy was early. He reached for the info and she handed it to him, visibly relieved.
“How much of the blood is his?”
“Not much. Seems he was at the cemetery and his head had a small rendezvous with a tombstone.”
“Of course...”

Gwen gave his arm a quick squeese and moved on to the next task while Merlin went to the vampire. His blond, flat combed hair was messy on one side, there was some obvious scraped off skin and a lump at the side of his head. He lit up as Merlin approached.

“My patients usually call me Merlin. Come with me, please.”
“I’m Arthur.”
“Hello Arthur. Can you stand?”

The man got up shakily, looking a bit green.

“Have you been drinking, Arthur?”

“No. Visited my mom. So pretty with all the lights. Muerta del... Day of the dead? Brought her some candles.”

He patted his pockets and looked very sad.
“Lost them.”

“Alright, come here with me.”
“But the candles.”
“I have candy.”

Arthur looked confused for moment, then he nodded his head slowly.

In the examination room Arthur got a liquorice lollipop, the least favourite flavour among the kids. Arthur was quite happy with that, he sucked and moved the lolly around in his mouth, and made little fuss even when Merlin cleaned up the and shone a light in his eyes.

“Well then, Arthur, I think you have got a concussion. I’d like to keep you here over night for observation.”

Arthur smiled from ear to ear, which would have been far more endearing if he wasn’t slightly cross-eyed.
“You like me!”

Merlin couldn’t help the bark of laugh that escaped him.

“You're not staying with me, but here at the hospital. You are disoriented and you should have someone looking after you. Is there anyone you want me to call?”

“You can call me. And I'll give you my number!”

“I see. What about family? A friend?”

Arthur face suddenly fell. “I'm late for the party.”

“No party for you tonight, I'm afraid.”
“Don't be afraid. It's makeup.”

“Ah, I see. I'll just make a quick phone call, alright?”

Arthur looked about ready to keel over, Merlin made sure someone would look after him ASAP. He had Arthur sit in a wheelchair just in case, and it was sure to make the trip easier. He was happy to see Alice being the one to fetch Arthur. He gave her the papers and a brief summary. As they parted and Alice starting wheeling Arthur away, Merlin was ready to face the next challenge of the day. Then Arthur started shouting and waving his arms.

“Merlin! Merlin! Merlin, listen!”

Merlin doubled back. Arthur's eyes where wide.

“The candles!”

“They are missing.” Merlin tried to be helpful.

“No! I remember!”

His face cracks into another wide smile.
“They are on her spot! I made it. I made it!”

Alice gives Merlin a look filled with questions. Merlin smiles, wondering what Arthur would think of this conversation later.

“That is great, Arthur. You go with Alice now. Get some rest.”

“Ok, call me!”

“Bye Arthur.”

Merlin chuckles to himself as he hears the conversation continue as Alice and Arthur moved away.

“Merlin gave me a lollipop.”
“That was nice of him.”
“I'm a bit dizzy.”

Gwen greets him with a look that craves info.
“Concussion, I think. Gave him a lollipop and booked him for observation.”

She opens here mouth to say something, then thinks better of it and hands him the next folder.
“8 year old, got his head stuck in a candy bucket.”

Merlin sighs. “Of course, of course...”

Follow up, click here for: Dr Candyman and Father Christmas Part 1 (completed)

Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gwen, c:merlin, pt 183:rendezvous, rating:g, type:drabble

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