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First Day

Author: ajsrandom
Title: First Day
Rating: G
Pairing/s: none
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: It's Merlin's first day on the job. What will Prince Prat expect him to do?
Warnings: none
Word Count: 562
Prompt: #194 Expectation
Author's Notes: TIA for reading! :)

Merlin, Prince Arthur wants you right away.” --- “Your destiny's calling. You'd better find out what he wants.”

With a sigh, Merlin stood from his seat and walked toward the guard at the door. With his luck, Prince Prat would have all sorts of unrealistic expectations. After all, he’d seen him chuck knives at his last servant. That was just intolerable. But it was very likely he’d have to put up with the Prince’s awful behavior. He didn’t really want to stand out as unusual.

Fortunately the guard conducted him to the Prince’s chambers. He made sure to take note of the route, since he’d be walking this way quite a bit. Before he knew it, he was facing a set of double doors. He thanked the guard for guiding him there and opened the door in front of him.

The Prince had been facing away but whirled around at the sound of the door opening. “Well, close the door. And do remember to knock before you enter, next time and every time.”

“Yes, sire,” Merlin replied, nodding deferentially.

“Now, every morning you’ll report here to wake me. This time of year that will be one hour after dawn. You will save time if you visit the kitchen to pick up my breakfast before that.”

“Um, okay.”

“And that is not how you answer me, Merlin. You had it before with ‘yes, sire.’ Also, ‘your highness’ or ‘my lord’ will work just as well.”

“Yes, sire,” Merlin said with gritted teeth. The prat was beginning to get on his nerves. Already.

“All right. You’ll help me dress, of course, whenever I need to change clothes. That includes my armor, when I need it.”

Merlin bit back a laugh. The Prince couldn’t even dress himself? But the armor was sure to be a problem—he had no idea how to deal with armor.

Arthur continued. “After that, what you do depends on whether I need you to accompany me or not. If I have a meeting, you’ll have to come in order to serve me. If I go to training, you’ll probably accompany me to meet my needs there. Or I may ask you to stay here to clean my room or any other number of chores.”

Merlin’s mouth fell open. “How many other chores . . . sire?”

“Well, let’s see. Cleaning and polishing my sword and armor, my laundry, mucking out my stables, running errands . . . in other words, whatever I tell you to do.”

“That’s all, sire?”

“Oh, no. That’s just all I can think of at the moment.” He smirked. “Now you’re going to help me train. Follow me.” He started walking toward the door.

“What? How?”

The Prince stopped and turned around. “Well, you’re alive and thus automatically better than any training dummy. At least I hope you are. Either way, I’ve got a tournament to prepare for. Let’s go.”

After he’d turned around again, Merlin rolled his eyes. He’d been dead-on about the prattiness level, but what could he do? He was bound by destiny to follow this man around and obey his every whim. Arthur had to live and Merlin could only protect him by being around him. And what better way than by being his servant? Besides, there was no rule that said he couldn’t use magic to do his chores, was there?
Tags: *c:ajsrandom, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 194:expectation, rating:g, type:drabble

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