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Destiny and its Convolution of Scars

Author: mara93
Title: Destiny and its Convolution of Scars
Rating: PG
Characters Uther
Summary: Scars. One is most distinct on his forehead, tangling within the creases of age.
Warnings: just mild talk of battle
Word Count: 275
Prompt: tangled
Author's Notes: This is cannon, mostly prequel type.

Destiny and its Convolution of Scars

They push prevalently from past battles upon his face. Scars. One is most distinct on his forehead, tangling within the creases of age. It takes the once smooth and quarrels with it. The scar occurred when Camelot was not yet his, instead a kingdom to do battle for. He had to have it. Wanted it so intensely. It was the kind of kingdom that would afford him great riches, bring up his status. And he had such passion for conquering, being the successor.

So even though he knew it would be bloody and brutal, he challenged the then king, his actual hunger for intense excitement an asset. He lifted his sword fiercely.

He struck the man down in a fight that moved out of the walls of the fortress, into the citadel, blazing in front of the people all his glory as he took down the once so vibrant king. Soon his predecessor was a forgotten memory as their new ruler rose up before them, bleeding from his forehead, a shrill cut to his skin during the takeover.

But no matter. The physician would clean it up. It would leave nothing more than a penetrating scar tangled into the other ones he’d receive as king, as conqueror, Camelot now his.

He had every intention of making it the grandest kingdom of all. One his enemies would shrink away from.

One he and his anticipated queen would rule together over.

One where he’d bear a son who in future days would be a superior king.

And it was all tangled into those days of conquest. Tangled into a maelstrom of scars.

Tangled into Uther’s scarred destiny.
Tags: *c:mara93, c:uther, pt 010:tangled, rating:pg, type:drabble

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