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A Sensory Bout

Author: inspired_being
Title: A Sensory Bout
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Arthur, Gwaine, Merlin
Summary: Losing yourself to your senses can have some unwanted consequences
Warnings: None
Word Count: 761
Prompt: #10 Tangled
Author's Notes: It is part of the Seen and Hidden ‘verse but you really don’t need to have read the others to understand and appreciate this. But if you haven’t already and wanna go read the others and leave me lots of comments, I won’t argue =P
Oh, and I’ve written it in 2nd person, which I don’t usually do.

The clang of the metal was music to your ears. You knew the sound your sword made against others. Knew when it had made contact with the different parts of a rival blade.

Your muscles knew by the sounds where they had to move your arms, your legs and your body for the next blow. They knew your most recent blow was heavy and was met with the spirited strength of a rival that did not want to give up his position easily.

Your wrist twists first and then your arm as the sound of metal grazing along metal reaches your ears. Your body twirls and your feet lead you to one side with a quick, short retreat.

Your chest rises and falls as your lungs and heart work hard to send oxygen and blood throughout your limbs so they may function aptly.

With only a second to draw breath, you make for a quick thrust to your opponent’s chest hoping you will catch them off guard. And you do, but they are skilled, comprising experience and reflexes, which make up for their lapse in concentration.

Their sword strikes yours and they are tangled around again by your movements. You waste no time launching another assault. This time swift blows; punctuated by the clang of the rival sword parrying each and every one. You try to push them back but they hold their ground, which frustrates you.

You want to win, you know you can, you know you are better. You need to know you are better. You need to prove it to yourself, to push the doubt away and remind yourself you can do the job others believe you can.

You lock your swords together and get up in their face. They are panting more than you and you can tell that they are tiring.

You try for one last assault, pulling back, releasing the swords and slashing to their hip; blocked. Their shoulder; blocked. Their thigh; dodged. Their upper back; dodged again.

Your opponent’s motion would be their downfall in this intense battle. You have them right where you want them. Your next move is to the torso, which you knew they would parry but the quick upper thrust to the arms with the face of your blade, their arms rising to avoid contact, and the successive slice to the other side of their torso see you land a blow.

The rival metal is dropped and the body almost doubles over. They might have fallen to their knees had someone else not rushed to their aid.

It takes you some time to gather your thoughts and comprehend what has just happened. You watch as your opponent is fussed over but tries to shrugs his helpers off.

“I’m fine,” they told one helper and then, “I’ve taken plenty of blows like that and some without armour. I’m telling you, I’ll be alright. Just give me a few more minutes to catch my breath and I should be able to stand.”

Their words don’t make sense at first. Had you lost yourself that wholly to the play fight that you had truly injured one of your knights? One of your best and most trusted knights?

“His Highness just got a little caught up in our sparring session, that’s all… isn’t it Arthur?”

That was your name. Your knight was speaking about you… to you.
“Yeah,” you say; your voice distant. You want to apologise but you can’t think of what to say. Then there is a familiar smell, a presence.

“What happened?” The voice seems to soothe your mind. You’re not sure if he is asking you or the knights standing in front of you, but you find an answer for the question.

“I was sparring with Gwaine and…” You pause, not sure whether you should tell the truth. You look into the concerned face next to you. Those eyes seemed to see right through you and you know if you lie now, they will only question you more later. “And I got a bit carried away. It’s been a long day in the castle and I guess I let go a little more than I should have.”

You turn to your knight. “Sorry Gwaine.”

“It’s alright,” he said attempting to stand up and be brave but fails half way and crumples back down, into a squat this time. “I’ll be fine.”

Merlin and the other knights start to laugh. Gwaine looks up with a wry smile and you know he will be fine and you join in with the laughter.

~*inspired being*~
Tags: *c:inspired_being, c:arthur, c:gwaine, c:merlin, pt 010:tangled, rating:pg, type:drabble

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