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MOD POST- Community Statistics


Just wanted to share some statistics regarding the community. This community is just wonderful!

The following data is based on tags usage only. It's possible there are more entries with certain characters, pairings, etc, but they just haven't been tagged.

It's really no surprise that the tag used the most is type:drabble, for a grand total of 2587 times! In comparison, type:drawble has been used a smaller (but still amazing) 119 times.

3,435 Journal entries
36,095 Comments received
263 Members
313 Community Watchers
358 Tags

*c:bunnysworld - 270 uses
*c:sidhe_faerie - 209 uses
*c:loopstagirl - 175 uses
*c:brunettepet - 123 uses
*c:clea2011 - 116 uses

c:merlin - 1875 uses
c:arthur - 1663 uses
c:gwaine - 355 uses
c:morgana - 286 uses
c:gwen - 233 uses

p:arthur/merlin - 1346 uses
p:arthur/gwen - 224 uses
p:merlin/morgana - 175 uses
p:merlin/other tied with p:gwaine/percival and p:gwen/lancelot - 35 uses
p:gwaine/merlin - 34 uses

pt 006:whispers in the night - 43 uses
pt 005:crown - 41 uses
pt 003:scars - 40 uses
pt 004:surrender - 39 uses
pt 001:skin - 36 uses

rating:g - 879 uses
rating:pg - 764 uses
rating:pg-13 - 631 uses
rating:nc-17 - 225 uses
rating:r - 222 uses

Again, there's no real purpose to this except to see the trends of the community. Who knows; next year this might be completely different! :)

Thanks Tat for this data.
Tags: !comm things, !modpost

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