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Author: AraneiEisel username
Title:ABC - Part one
Rating:PG 13
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Freya, Morgana, Gwaine, Leon
Summary:A love story
Word Count:994
Prompt:Amnesty Post
Author's Notes: Sorry this is late but the idea didn't hit me until the last minute.

Tags: #58 announcement; #179 New Beginnings; #33 Choices; #146 Date; #118 Errors; #195 Friendship; #18 Gold; #48 His; #166 Inevitable; #28 Jealousy; #20 Kissing; #187 locked out; #134 Mistake; #76 Nervous; #190 Obvious; #172 Puppy Love; #22 Quote; (give me a break, this was the only Q tag, and yes, there are quotes, 5 pts for guessing the quotes and where they came from)#92 Reconciliation; #93 Stubborn; #10 Tangled; #62 Undeniable; #137 Victory; #6 whispers in the dark; #170 eXpecting; #97 You and I

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A is for Announcement

        a public and typically formal statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention.

I have a story to tell you. It is about want, need, love, and fear with a few other things thrown in for good measure. There are choices to be made before others make them. There are jobs, accidents, get togethers, coffee shops, pubs, family dinners, bad decisions, regrets, misunderstandings, pining, sex and of course, idiocy. I have a story to tell you and I hope you like it.

B is for (New) Beginning(s)

        the point in time or space at which something starts.

Every story has to start somewhere. This one begins on a Tuesday. There is nothing special about this Tuesday. The weather is pleasant enough. The sun is shining. The birds, bees and citizens of Albion are going about their business. The buses and trains are running nearly on time. All in all it’s a pleasant Tuesday.

As we look around on this typical Tuesday we spot a tall, slender man with curly, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He’s young, only 22, almost 23, just a few weeks out of university. And yet, by society’s standards he is an old spinner, an unmated omega. Society as a whole thinks he should simply want to find a mate and make babies, but young Merlin has other ideas of being something more.

Merlin entered the lobby of the offices of the Pendragon Corporation. He smiled at the girl who ran the reception desk as he passed on his way to the research and development annex. As usual the place was bustling with people getting to the business of work. After clocking in, he donned a clean lab coat and set about checking on his work. The lab was quiet and though Merlin got along with his fellow techs, they didn’t really chat.

Before he knew it lunch time had arrived. Merlin had arrangements to meet up with long-time friends (since grade school) Freya and Gwen who were determined to talk to him about his decision. He really wished now that he had kept his indecision to himself but the damage was done. He knew they meant well and appreciated their support but it felt like they were too invested. Merlin had no sooner sat down with his food than he was accosted from both sides.

Freya smiled at him, “Hi Merlin.” She proceeded to sit down next to him.

The look on Gwen’s face showed they had already been talking about him. She spoke as she sat down on the other side of him. “Hi Merlin, How’s your day going so far?”

Merlin glanced at both of them. “Hi to you both and it’s ok. Just another Tuesday.”

Freya spoke up, a goofy grin gracing her face. “Well I’ve had an exciting day. Percival Hunt came through the office and he smiled at me.”

Merlin bit back a laugh about his friend’s latest object of admiration. “You do know you can speak to him.”

Freya bit at her lip, “I know but I get so nervous.”

Gwen added her two cents, “I sort of kind of know him by way of Lance. I could introduce you.”

“Could you?” Freya said excitedly.

“I could talk to Lance, set up a pub outing and make sure he gets invited.”

Merlin rolled his eyes. “I don’t understand why you don’t just talk to him.”

Freya glared at him. “That’s easy for you. You’ve decided to be a spinner and don’t have to worry about making a first great impression.” Merlin gave her a shocked look that suddenly had her feeling contrite. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Well now that it is out there,” Gwen started in, “have you made a decision?”

C is for Choice(s)

        an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Merlin stared at the non-descript office building. It looked like any other office building on the block, indistinguishable from the next except for the sign on the outside. No large garish letters or images. This was supposed to be the premier company so things were tasteful and sedate. He had, of course, received the standard invitation from Materix and Romantic Futures. Any alpha or omega could put their name in with them and they would match you up. It was a lot hype about love, but Merlin was looking for something more. He didn’t want to be a snob about it but he wanted someone with an education, with an enlightened view of omegas, someone who would let him explore before performing his “duty” as a citizen of Albion. He had interviewed with AlphOmegaration but it felt more like an upscale version of the other two. That left him with Wise Choices.

The alpha who had conducted his initial interview had been polite and professional. Morgause had listened carefully as he had told her that he wanted to do more than just contribute to the population. It had taken her less than a week to get back to him.

Merlin sat in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea as he answered the questions about his preferences. It really wasn’t that he was picky but he wanted someone smart, funny and kind who would challenge him. Not just a mate but a real companion. They then left him to look through about 30 profiles, no pictures yet. It was easy to eliminate 16 of them right off the top. He didn’t want anyone with a record, who was a celebrity (he didn’t mind famous) or had a career that required lots of travel. After he had over half eliminated, the profiles showed carefully constructed pictures though nothing quite straight on. He didn’t want to be so vain but if there was no initial attraction then what was the point. After about 2 hours he had it down to five. The service would make the arrangements from there.
Tags: c:arthur, c:freya, c:gwaine, c:gwen, c:leon, c:merlin, c:morgana, pt 200:amnesty post 2, rating:pg-13

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