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Author: AraneiEisel username
Title:ABC Part two
Rating:PG 13
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Freya, Morgana, Gwaine, Leon
Summary:A love story
Word Count:972
Prompt:Amnesty Post
Author's Notes: Sorry this is late but the idea didn't hit me until the last minute.

Tags: #58 announcement; #179 New Beginnings; #33 Choices; #146 Date; #118 Errors; #195 Friendship; #18 Gold; #48 His; #166 Inevitable; #28 Jealousy; #20 Kissing; #187 locked out; #134 Mistake; #76 Nervous; #190 Obvious; #172 Puppy Love; #22 Quote; (give me a break, this was the only Q tag, and yes, there are quotes, 5 pts for guessing the quotes and where they came from)#92 Reconciliation; #93 Stubborn; #10 Tangled; #62 Undeniable; #137 Victory; #6 whispers in the dark; #170 eXpecting; #97 You and I

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D is for Date

        a social or romantic appointment or engagement.

Freya, Gwen and Gwen’s friend, Morgana had taken him shopping. He didn’t know Morgana well, but apparently she had an eye for fashion. A very well cut pair of black jeans, bright blue shirt and a leather jacket. A fresh haircut and he was ready. He checked the details on his phone three times. This first meeting was to be casual, a bit like speed dating. A coffee shop owned by the Wise Choices company. The main floor was open to the public but the upper floor was clients only. It was smart, actually owning the place, controlling the circumstances of meetings, keeping them safe. Merlin was impressed with the care they showed their clients.

Valiant was tall and good looking in his own way, but it was clear that despite his patter that mates should be equal he expected any omega to bow to his whims.

Cenred was more than handsome with dark hair and dark eyes but the smile on his face was creepy. In addition to that he apparently thought coffee included lots of touching.

Ethan liked to talk about himself. He was good looking and clearly bright but apparently the world revolved around him.

Gwaine was gorgeous. Bright eyes, a carefully trimmed beard and long, dark hair like a shampoo model. He was also funny and clever, and though a bit full of himself, he felt genuine. Merlin liked him instantly.

After the first three, Merlin’s spirits had been lifted by meeting Gwaine but he was a bit tired and ready to go. Although they were only 15 minute meetings he had already been there an hour and a half. He was just rising from his seat to leave when he noticed a tall blond man headed in his direction. The man looked smart in his three piece suit and Merlin couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like with it off. That is until a waitress accidentally ran into him.

“You should have been watching where you are going!” The blond man said angrily.

The girl was trying her best to apologize. “I’m really sorry sir.”

“You should be.” Arthur had grabbed a stack of napkins and was trying to mop up the worst.

The girl was nearly in tears as Merlin approached, “I’ll pay for your dry cleaning.”

Merlin gave the girl an I’ve got this smile before turning on the blond man. “You don’t need to speak to her like that. It was clearly an accident.”

“I don’t recall this being any of your business,” Arthur replied brusquely.

“You think I should just look the other way while you berate that girl just because you’re rich?” Merlin glared at him. “Expect me to get down on my knees to your highness as well?”

Arthur turned his full attention to Merlin, “Do you know who I am?”

“No, and if this is the way you act then I don’t want to.” Merlin pulled out his wallet, took out a few notes and tucked them into the blond man’s vest. “That should cover your cleaning costs.”

Arthur grabbed the notes, “I don’t want your money.”

Merlin spoke as he tucked his wallet away. “You might be rich and good looking but your appalling manners make you one of the ugliest men I have ever met.” With that he walked out of the coffee shop.

E is for Error(s)

        the state or condition of being wrong in conduct or judgment; a mistake

“This was such a mistake Gwen,” Merlin whined into his pint. “No alpha I want is going to want me.

Gwen reached over and patted his hand. “Well I think you did the right thing. No one should be screamed at like that. That poor girl.”

“It seems like deep down, no matter what they say, all alphas are the same,” Merlin pouted as he sipped his pint.

Gwen tried to give him hope, “Not all alphas are like that.”

Merlin sighed, “Yeah, but those alphas are taken. I’m gonna end up in a digenesis clinic.”

“Merlin..” Gwen started to speak when she was interrupted by his phone.

Merlin dug his phone out of his pocket. “It’s Morgause, probably calling to tell me they are dropping me.”

Gwen rolled her eyes, “Just answer it.”

Merlin pressed the button and held it to his ear, “Hello.”

“Merlin, you made quite an impression.”

“It’s ok if…”

“Three of them want to see again.”

Merlin was surprised, “Really?”

“They liked the way you stood up for that girl.”

F is for Friendship

        the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends

After talking with Gwen, Merlin agreed to meet with all three of the alphas who had expressed an interest in him. She had reminded him that just because they are alphas didn’t mean they couldn’t have been nervous or anxious. So a week later he found himself in the same coffee shop meeting up with two of the three.

The thirty minutes he spent with Ethan felt like penance. He had done as Gwen wanted and given him a second chance but the man was just too into himself. He seemed to take the rejection well.

The thirty minutes he was supposed to spend with Gwaine turned into a bit more than an hour. They had talked and laughed. He liked Gwaine. He really did. As fond of him as he might grow though he didn’t feel anything more than friendship.
Tags: c:arthur, c:freya, c:gwaine, c:gwen, c:leon, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:arthur/merlin, pt 200:amnesty post 2, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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