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Author: AraneiEisel username
Title:ABC Part three
Rating:PG 13
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Freya, Morgana, Gwaine, Leon
Summary:A love story
Word Count:972
Prompt:Amnesty Post
Author's Notes: Sorry this is late but the idea didn't hit me until the last minute.

Tags: #58 announcement; #179 New Beginnings; #33 Choices; #146 Date; #118 Errors; #195 Friendship; #18 Gold; #48 His; #166 Inevitable; #28 Jealousy; #20 Kissing; #187 locked out; #134 Mistake; #76 Nervous; #190 Obvious; #172 Puppy Love; #22 Quote; (give me a break, this was the only Q tag, and yes, there are quotes, 5 pts for guessing the quotes and where they came from)#92 Reconciliation; #93 Stubborn; #10 Tangled; #62 Undeniable; #137 Victory; #6 whispers in the dark; #170 eXpecting; #97 You and I

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G is for Gold

        a yellow precious metal

It was another few days before he could meet with the third of the interested alphas. Merlin had worried over who it was and as he sat there waiting his fears were confirmed. He stood there, the man in the suit, with the sun shining through the window lighting his blond hair like a gold halo. Merlin felt bewitched. He couldn’t deny that the man was gorgeous.

“Hello I’m Arthur.” The blond man held out his hand and smiled.

Merlin felt extremely hesitant but his manners won out. He shook Arthur’s hand. “Hello Arthur, I’m Merlin.” He gestured to the seat in front of him.

Arthur pulled out the chair and sat. He stared at the table for a moment before looking up at Merlin. “Before we go any further, I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I know I was under a lot of stress and it felt like the last straw, but that was no excuse.”

Merlin watched him trying to figure out if it was genuine or not. He decided to take him at his word until proven otherwise. “I accept your apology but I am not the one who really deserves an apology.”

Arthur gave him a shy smile, “I came back and apologized to her, gave her the money you gave me.”

Merlin smiled, “Thank you. I appreciate that.”

“I also wanted to say ...thank you.”

“For what?” Merlin asked curiously.

Arthur sighed. “No one ever stands up to me and honestly, I am so tired of everyone licking my boots.” He then turned a bright smile on Merlin, “But you, you put me in my place and I really needed that.”

H is for His

        belonging to or associated with a male person or animal previously mentioned or easily

Merlin laid in bed that night, thinking about Arthur. The Arthur he had met today was so different from the man who had screamed at that girl. This Arthur was funny and charming, so much so that he agreed to meet again.

They met at a little pub over pints and talked about movies and books. Star Wars featured heavily. They went out to lunch and talked music and food. Turned out they both loved Indian and Arthur promised to make his chicken korma. They went out to dinner and talked about their families. He had laughed in all the right places as he had told him about his four younger sisters, Eira, Drea, Sefa and Kara. and Merlin had smiled at how he called his sister Morgana a harpy with a deep fondness. They then laughed about the coincidence of him having met her but assuring him that she didn’t know anything about them. They went on a picnic and talked about the places they’ve been and the things they want to do.

The more he thought about Arthur, about his blue, blue eyes and blond hair, his laugh, his strong nose and his pouty lips, his smile, his charm and confidence he realized how easy it would be to become his. Merlin was surprised at how much that both excited and terrified him at the same time.

I is for Inevitable

        certain to happen; unavoidable

Merlin didn’t want to feel like things with Arthur were inevitable. Yes, he was very interested and much intrigued. But was the nice guy an illusion to pull him in only to revert to the ugly person he was on that first meeting? He didn’t want to believe that but it wasn’t just that. He also felt a bit intimidated on some level. It was after their third date that they had finally agreed to exchange details and Merlin learned Arthur’s last name. He had known Arthur was wealthy and worked for a large corporation, but he would never have guessed that it was Pendragon Corp. So not only was he uncomfortably wealthy he was also indirectly his boss.

Merlin had really wanted to talk to his mother but he didn’t want her planning a wedding just yet. He tried to speak to his sister Eira but she was more hung up on the idea that the alpha he was interested in was rich. Freya was non-committal with saying he hadn’t done anything wrong and couldn’t seem to understand his concerns. Gwen and Morgana, at least, understood his concerns but thought he was being silly.

“Merlin, you are overthinking this. You haven’t done anything inappropriate. And if this alpha thinks otherwise then you should look somewhere else.” Morgana gave him a knowing look.

Merlin sighed and countered with “But what if Arthur doesn’t see it that way? What if he thinks I somehow set things up? Or that I didn’t tell him so that I could somehow use him?”

Gwen had stared at him and said, “Did you say Arthur? As in Arthur Pendragon?”

Merlin gave them both a shifty look, “No, I said Armor.”

Gwen looked at him incredulously but said nothing. Merlin put his hands in his hair, “Oh god, you can’t tell him you know Morgana. I told him that you don’t know and if he finds out that you do know along with everything else...”

Gwen grabbed Merlin’s arms, “Merlin you need to calm down.”

Morgana stared at him, the picture of calm. “Well you could explain the recent secret smiles on his face.” She took a sip of her drink before continuing. “You should actually be more concerned about my father. He keeps making what he considers appropriate matches for Arthur.”

“Appropriate matches?” Merlin started.

“Yeah, omegas that through marriage will further his business or the Pendragon social standing,” Morgana shrugged and then laughed as she said, “Arthur actually paid me in shoes to run off the last one although Uther has another in the wings.”

Tags: c:arthur, c:freya, c:gwaine, c:gwen, c:leon, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:arthur/merlin, pt 200:amnesty post 2, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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