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Author: AraneiEisel username
Title:ABC Part five
Rating:PG 13
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Freya, Morgana, Gwaine, Leon
Summary:A love story
Word Count:1009
Prompt:Amnesty Post
Author's Notes: Sorry this is late but the idea didn't hit me until the last minute.

Tags: #58 announcement; #179 New Beginnings; #33 Choices; #146 Date; #118 Errors; #195 Friendship; #18 Gold; #48 His; #166 Inevitable; #28 Jealousy; #20 Kissing; #187 locked out; #134 Mistake; #76 Nervous; #190 Obvious; #172 Puppy Love; #22 Quote; (give me a break, this was the only Q tag, and yes, there are quotes, 5 pts for guessing the quotes and where they came from)#92 Reconciliation; #93 Stubborn; #10 Tangled; #62 Undeniable; #137 Victory; #6 whispers in the dark; #170 eXpecting; #97 You and I

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N is for Nervous

        easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious; highly strung.

Morgana’s plan was simple. Arthur often stayed late on Wednesdays as weekly reports were due Thursday. Merlin would wait in the stairwell until Morgana gave him the all clear that Arthur’s assistant had left for the day. Then it was all up to Merlin.

As he stood in the stairwell waiting, Merlin rehearsed again what he was going to say, went up and down the stairs a billion times and generally just tried not to vomit. The one thing he wasn’t going to do was simply leave. He at minimum owed Arthur an apology.

When the door to the stairwell finally opened and Morgana stuck her head through Merlin thought he might faint. They didn’t say a word as Morgana led the way to Arthur’s office. A few people working late gave them strange looks but they just kept moving. After what felt like an hour but was probably only 2 minutes they arrived outside an office. The light inside was on and a person could be seen sitting at the desk.

Morgana smiled at him, “Well, this is it. I wish you luck.”

Merlin nodded and sort of croaked out the word, “Thanks.” He watched as she turned and walked away. He then looked up and down the hall to make sure no one was near before he approached the office door. It was open a bit and he peered through. Arthur was seated at his desk working. He had taken off his tie and rolled up his sleeves. He furrowed his brow a bit as he read something on the screen. Merlin closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. Before he could chicken out he knocked on the door.

Arthur didn’t look up, “George, I thought you already left.”

Merlin pushed the door a bit and took a tentative step forward. “It’s not George.”

Arthur’s head swiveled toward him, “Merlin, How did you get in here?”

“Well, that’s something I have been meaning to tell you.” He looked down and touched his badge before looking up again. “I work for Pendragon Corp., in the labs, as a tech.”

Arthur didn’t say anything for a moment. “Ok. Why are you here?”

“You didn’t answer any of your texts or your voicemails. I just wanted…” His voice trailed off under the wilting look Arthur gave him.

Arthur cleared his throat, “There was nothing to respond to.”

“I just thought..” Merlin stepped farther into the room.

“I saw you,” Arthur cut him off, “in the pub.”

“I can explain,” Merlin said anxiously.

Arthur stood up from his desk. “You don’t have to explain. We had no .. agreement.”

“But still.”

“Really. We had a few laughs, nothing more and now it’s done.” Arthur looked down and then back at him.

“Arthur, please, it’s not what you think,” Merlin said a little desperately.

“I highly doubt it matters .” Arthur was clearly uncomfortable. “I think you should go.” He turned away, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Merlin stood there for a moment staring at the closed door. “For what’s worth, I’m sorry.”

O is for Obvious

        Easily seen through because of a lack of subtlety; transparent

Gwen watched as Merlin picked at his lunch, not hearing a word she said. She finally reached over and put a hand on his arm. “Are you ok?”

Merlin gave her a tentative smile. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Gwen tried to give him her best smile. “Come out with us tonight. Get your mind off things.”

“Sure,” Merlin nodded. “I’m not that hungry. I think I’m going to head back to the lab.”

Morgana took a cookie off her tray, wrapped it in a napkin and tucked it into his pocket. “In case you get hungry.”

“Thanks.” Merlin picked up his tray and walked off.

Morgana tapped Gwen on the arm. “Look.” She pointed at a table across the cafeteria where Arthur sat watching Merlin cross the room.

“What are you planning?” Gwen asked.

Morgana gave her a shrewd look. “I’m not sure yet but something must be done.”

P is for Puppy Love

        an intense but usually shallow romantic attachment

Morgana decided to approach things head on. Watching Arthur mope about was getting on her nerves. Arthur might have thought he was being subtle but he was acting more like a teenager with a case of puppy love. Even Uther had noticed his behavior and asked her about it.

Morgana found Arthur in his office. She thought nothing of what he was working on and simply marched in demanding his attention. “Arthur, you’re an idiot.”

Arthur rolled his eyes, “I don’t have time for this Morgana.”

“Well you need to make time,” she said sharply. “I have watched you moping about and you need to do something about it. I know everything and you are throwing away something really special.”

Arthur felt a bit of anger shoot through him, “Did he put you up to this?”

“No, he doesn’t know I am here,” Morgana admitted. She walked around his office touching things as she spoke. “He told me not to actually. Said it was all his fault and that he just has to live with that.” Morgana stopped to look Arthur in the eye. “He’s trying his best to accept things but I can see how much he misses you.”

Arthur glared at her for a long minute before he spoke. “This is none of your business,”

“I don’t want to see you mated to one of those fawning omegas father keeps choosing for you.” Morgana stepped close to him. “I want you to be happy Arthur and I suspect that Merlin would make you happy.”

Arthur looked down at his desk and fingered a pen sitting there. “Father wouldn’t approve of him.”

“More to recommend him then.” Morgana put an arm around his shoulder. “For your own sake, give him another chance, or you could be stuck with Sophia.” She gave him an evil grin.
Tags: c:arthur, c:freya, c:gwen, c:leon, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:arthur/merlin, pt 200:amnesty post 2, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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