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Author: vampiric_zombie
Title: The Prince and The Servant Pt2
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur/George
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, George
Summary: What happens in Kilgharrah, Stays in Kilgharrah ;)
Warnings: Unbeta'd, First attempt at this type of scenario
Word Count: 727
Prompt: #11 Temptation
Author's Notes: To bring thecheekydragon out of hiding hehe

Arthur burst into Kilgharrah tavern, and looked around frantically for his favorite servant. Though he had his many, many faults, Arthur wouldn't want another servant, Merlin had a way about the things he did that no-one else could come even close to being as good. He spotted Gwaine sitting in corner at the very back of the tavern, which surprised him since it had to have been the darkest one too. He couldn't see who Gwaine was talking to because their back was to the rest of the room, but by the way Gwaine kept running his hands through his hair, and the shape of the figure he knew in his heart, it was Merlin.

Arthur nodded at Gwaine then grabbed Merlin by the arm and dragged him into a back room that was rarely used by anyone. Merlin glared ferociously at Arthur when his arm was finally freed. Arthur couldn't stand to be the reason for that look on Merlin’s face, no matter how cute it was. He cupped Merlin’s face between his hand and leaned in to kissed him, but Merlin turned away. Arthur began to wonder if he had made a mistake, and Merlin wasn't upset over Arthur’s actions earlier, but was actually upset that George was involved. Then he remembered George worked nights in the very tavern they were in right then, and Merlin spent most nights a week in. Arthur took a few steps back, his eyes watering up, looking at Merlin.

The door opened and George’s face went completely white. He wasn't expecting anyone to be in the room he used on his break, especially not the Prince himself, and for him to be in there with Merlin, alone, he fell to the floor. Merlin took a small bottle out of his pocket as soon as he realized what had happened, and opened it just before running it under George’s nose until he came to again. George sat up and rested on his hands behind him, looking between Arthur and Merlin waiting. He seemed to be waiting a lot today, though this time he was not about to move for fear of the same scene happening again.

Arthur had been looking everywhere in the room expect at George lying on the floor, but when he did he noticed that his shirt was halfway up his chest showing an amazing stomach that he just had to get a hold of again. He shut his eyes, trying not to give in but the feel of Merlin’s hand grabbing his made him open them again. He looked down at Merlin who was softly kissing George. Arthur moved closer to the pair on the ground, and just as he got to his knees, George started massaging his groin with one hand, while undoing his breeches with the other. Arthur was moaning while rubbing his hands up and down Merlin’s chest and kissing his back, from his collar bone down to his lower back. Merlin’s whole body was trembling, but he used that to his advantage to bring George to climax.

Gwaine had gotten angry waiting on Arthur to return Merlin to the table to finish his pint. Though he was curious about what they were doing, he didn't want to give into the temptation of going to find out but he had to. He picked up the cup and downed it in its entirety, never able to see a good pint go to waste, especially one that hadn't even been touched. When he stood up, he lost his balance a little but clung on to the table until he felt able to walk straight enough. After opening the door to the back room, he rubbed his eyes thinking he was seeing things. He wasn't. Three sweating bodies lay on the ground, limbs all over the place he could barely make out which arm or leg belonged to which man. The only thing that helped him distinguish who owned what was the clothes they were half wearing. Merlin opened his eyes and winked at Gwaine, making him feel a little bit uncomfortable and back out of the room shutting the door behind him. He ended up back at his table with another two pints to try erase the images in his head of what had happened in the room.

Tags: *c:vampiric_zombie, p:arthur/merlin, p:arthur/other, p:merlin/other, pt 011:temptation, rating:r, type:drabble

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