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Tabletops, dinner and...Dessert

Author: mara93
Title: Tabletops, dinner and…Dessert
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen
Summary: Three weeks of marriage and temptations are high because time alone is oh so hard to manage.
Warnings: inexplicit adult relations and possibly improper use of a dining table
Word Count: 963
Prompt: temptation
Author's Notes: This is cannon future. Sorry. This prompt just kind of made me go overboard with two stories of romance and passions and now…er…tabletops. But this one has a bit of humor/banter too so…<3

Tabletops, dinner and…Dessert

They’ve been married for approximately three weeks. During that time they have had to deal with issues of neighboring kingdoms quarrels, long visits from other nobles, a magical creature that attempted to take down the entire market area, and the council having their say about their union. Tonight a banquet was held for a visiting duke, with dancing and dining, yet they each spent so much time entertaining and proving worth that only now when everyone has gone home and the servants have finished with their work do they truly see each other.

Thus, all night temptations have run astray.

He walks into the tidied up dining hall, seeing her standing at one of the windows of stained glass, peering outside. He rests his hands on her partially bared shoulders. “Mmm, have I told you that you look lovely tonight?”

A contented smile curves her lips as she catches his hands, rests them over her red silken clad breasts. “I doubt it. This is the first time we actually had a moment to speak.” She fingers backward with one of her hands, feeling that his cape is still on, but underneath is his red tunic, her favorite because it makes him look so much a Pendragon, handsome.

“Yes, you’re probably right.” He agrees regrettably.

She turns around slowly, pressing her fingers against his chest. “The Lady Allison in private told me that she is sure you will grow tired of me.”

His eyebrows hitch upward. “Did she? Well considering since the time we were twelve years old she was attempting to get me to look her way I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised. Of course she may want to remember that you are now a queen and currently Camelot has friendly relations with the kingdom she resides in.”

Gwen smiles teasingly, enough faith in herself and her marriage to not care about pettiness. “I told her that if she was right then she could have you. And then later someone else would have you. She didn’t like that last bit.”

Arthur laughs at the dry amusement of his wife, grasping some of her curls tightly. “I’m sure she didn’t. Wish I could have seen her face.”

Gwen shrugs, fingering further inside Arthur’s red tunic. “I’m still getting accustomed to this.”

“My shirt?”

She knots one of the ties around her fingers, getting him to grunt with complaint. “No, silly. These occasions. I’m used to serving the nobles, not dining with them.”

“Well, practice getting used to it because it’s the role of a queen to be served. And get to dine with their guests.”

Her mood lightens even more as she runs her hands up the sides of his body. “The food truly was delicious this evening. The roasted chicken and crumbles of bread. Plus the cherry pie.”

“Didn’t get any.”

She looks shocked. “You jest!”

His familiar pout comes out. “No. The Duke kept talking to me about this matter and that. When the servant came to pick up my dessert, it was so late that I just pretended I was finished.”

“Oh.” Gwen pouts now too in sympathy. “That’s not good at all.” She gets an idea in her head, giving a quick peck to his lips. “Wait here.”


Ten minutes later she is back from the kitchens with a helping of pie. Arthur’s mouth waters at the sight. “Mmmm.”

She comes over to him with the pie and getting a look of daring, hoists herself up onto the dining table so she is sitting atop.

Arthur’s eyes widen before laughter escapes his mouth and then he too seats himself atop. A tall dining table, both their feet hang a good distance from the ground. Gwen spoons the pie, teasingly bringing it to her husband’s mouth. “Open.”

He does and swallows the cherry and flaky crust, giving a boyish grin. “Mmmm…so good.”

“Yes.” Gwen gives him another spoonful, and then another. But soon enough Arthur is more interested in her, feeling that trickle of temptation he’s had all night poking. He extricates the plate from his wife’s hands, getting her to protest, but then his lips are pressing against hers.

Forgetting the half eaten plate of pie, she lifts her arms upward, fingers tangling into his blonde short lengths of hair. “Oh so sweetly tart…cherry.” She lets him know in between kisses.

Arthur moans with need and happiness, pulling her in even closer, getting his wife halfway atop his lap.

Making it even more permanent, she thanks the dress’s construction, allowing her a straddling seat.

“Oh how I want you.” He whispers, caressing her neck with his mouth.

“Here?” Gwen asks.

“Yes.” He says.

She supposes a good lady would object, but then she’s feeling about as wild as him now. “Here then.” She whispers, climbing even more atop him, her breasts daringly hovering above his nose, giving his eyes plenty to admire. He kisses her with more fervor, cupping a red silky handful of her womanly assets. Her fingers press within his pants, feeling his hard reaction to their closeness.

He whispers against her cheek. “You tempt me so much.”

“Mmm…temptation is delicious with you.”

The table’s so big and supportive. He lifts her away from him and she mewls with discontent, but then when she’s lain down upon the table, his cape finding its way under her backside because it gives some cushioning separation, she raises her fingers in hot anticipation.


He positions himself.

It’s late, but public she suddenly realizes. “What if someone wakes, sees?”

He breathes in her ear. “We won’t have to undress entirely. And it’ll be fast…and quiet. Yes?”

“Oh…” Such challenge in his voice, she fingers his skin meaningfully.

Dinner was divinely good.

But even better is the flaming tabletop dessert.
Tags: *c:mara93, p:arthur/gwen, pt 011:temptation, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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