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Let's Get Personal, chapter 4

Author: eurydice72
Title: Let's Get Personal
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Modern AU. Bi-curious Arthur can't stop thinking about the man who answered his Craigslist ad.
Word Count: 1185
Prompt: #224, "anything you want"
Author's note: This is a continuation of a WIP I started two years ago. The first chapter was a long drabble here, and then I wrote a couple more that got posted over at AO3. And then I got distracted and never got back to it. With this week being a free for all, I really wanted to do something smutty, and then karma intervened when I got an email asking if I'd abandoned this story. So I wrote something a little more for it. All that's happened prior to this is Arthur placed an ad, Merlin (who's been in love with him for ages) answered it, and they had a brief chat. This continues on from there.

It was a compulsion, really, because logic played no part in Arthur’s decision—did it qualify as a decision if he refused himself the time to consider the ramifications of his choice?—and he certainly had other things he could do instead of wandering out of his bedroom half-dressed and logging onto his home laptop to check his Gmail. For instance, he could go into work early as he’d originally intended when he woke up two hours before his alarm, or he could call Leon to meet up for coffee and talk about the problems with Cenred, or hell, he could even give Morgana a ring and pull the family card to get out of his flat.

But…no. As soon as his trousers were on, without even bothering to do up his shirt, he opened the browser to check whether or not M had written again.

His heart skipped more than a single beat when he saw the message in the chat window.

Did you do it?

He couldn’t breathe. This. This was why he’d logged on. Four simple words that put the past twelve hours in blazing Technicolor and thrust him into the action once again like a player in his very own high-tech virtual reality game. He’d wanted the mysterious M to come back and put him on the spot to find out if he’d obeyed M’s orders. Maybe he couldn’t have admitted that to himself two minutes ago, but with his heart lodged in his throat and his skin kindling with new heat, he couldn’t ignore the truth any longer.

The chat window was active. M was online now. Was he an early riser, or had he been too tortured by the tease of their chat—like Arthur—to sleep, either?

Arthur preferred to hope for the latter. Settling in, he typed out his response before M disappeared.

Yes. I had to, after the chat we had. Did you do as I asked?

An answer came back almost right away. One of the knots in Arthur’s spine loosened in relief. He wasn’t the only one into this new…what was it, exactly? Too early to be a relationship, too intimate to be acquaintances. M had seen into corners of Arthur’s thoughts that nobody had ever been privy to before, but Arthur didn’t know enough about M to consider him a friend yet.

Best orgasm I’ve had in months.

Arthur laughed. You don’t have to feed my ego.

It’s not your ego I was thinking about when I came last night.

And just like that, Arthur was back to that cliff’s edge of desire again. Were all gay guys this open? None of the girls he’d ever been with had been, that was for certain. Gwen hadn’t been a prude, by any means, but if he’d talked like this to her, she would’ve laughed in his face instead of jumping him.

Another message came up before he could get his brain to string enough words together for a coherent response.

Did you follow my instructions to the letter?

The way it was phrased, Arthur had to scroll back in case he was forgetting something. Eventually.

Get interrupted?

No. Just…had to work up to the tasting part.

Why? Haven’t you ever tasted your own come before?

How much to confess here? The reality embarrassed him. He’d never admit it to a mate without being well and thoroughly pissed, and even then, he was so afraid of being caught out in anything remotely gay, he probably couldn’t do it.

But M wasn’t his mate, and Arthur had exposed more of himself—literally and figuratively—to him than any other person in his whole life. The whole truth was the only way to go here.

No. I was always too nervous to.


Because that was one step closer to admitting I want it straight from the source. I wasn’t ready for it before. I am now.

Because of a little chat?

That, and placing the ad. He took a deep breath to work up the nerve to type in, You’re a big part of that, too.

He wanted to meet M in person. He’d known that as soon as he watched the vid the first time. Part of him had been scared M was a troll of some sort, lying about his age or gender or intentions, and certainly that could still be possible, but Arthur’s gut said otherwise. He knew from the vid that M had long, slim hands—and even longer fingers—but there was nothing feminine about the way they curled around his cock or played with his foreskin. His hair was dark, too, evidenced by his closely trimmed bush and the faint hairs visible on his muscled forearms. Arthur had fantasized about those hands curling around the back of his skull and pulling his head closer and closer until his nose was buried in M’s balls. When he’d come for the second time last night, it had been at the thought of his mouth on M’s cock, of his throat filled to gagging, of his body locked in place because M refused to let him go. That was when he’d found the nerve to finally taste his own come, but all that managed to do was clinch the desire to have it be M’s, instead.

More than anything else right now, he needed to know if their chemistry online would carry over to the real world.

Before M could shoot him down, Arthur was typing again.

I’m tired of pretending I don’t want this. All I’ve been able to think about since I read your email yesterday is you. I wanked twice last night to your vid, I woke up obscenely early because I had sex dreams and a hard-on courtesy of you, and I wanked again in the shower before getting on chat. After all that, I’m getting hard yet again because you keep finding ways to push every hot button I never knew I possessed, and we haven’t even met in person yet.

So yes, you’re a big reason why I’m ready to take this to the next level now. As nervous as I am, I can admit that. The question is, is it just me that thinks we click here?

With a huff, Arthur collapsed back into the settee. There. He’d done it. Until he’d sent the message, he hadn’t been sure he could. In every other aspect of his life, he didn’t shy away from a challenge. He confronted it full-on and dealt with the fallout if he didn’t succeed. But his curiosity had been the shadow in the corner he refused to acknowledge for years. Taking this step, actually telling another guy he thought they clicked sexually, was a milestone there was no way M could appreciate.

Arthur could, though. And did. It almost didn’t matter if M told him he was full of shit.

Well. Yes, it did. Because M was the one he wanted. But he’d cross that bridge if and when he had to.

M answered him in mere seconds.

We definitely click.

Tags: *c:eurydice72, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 224:anything you want, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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